Sunburn Cure- All Natural Aloe Vera!

Hello Beautiful people!!

If you are based out of Canada like me, I hope you have been enjoying the good weather the last few days after a longgg and harsh winter this year. This past weekend I got really excited and planned to stay out the whole day and soak in as much sun as I could. I know staying out for extended amount of time in the sun can be very damaging to the skin so I prepped my skin with a good moisturizer and tons of sunscreen- SPF 60 from an known and a popular drugstore brand. I thought I was good and could stay out atleast for an hour [SPF 60] without reapplying the sunscreen- Wrong!

So here is what happened last weekend, I really like Barbecue food so I decided to start the weekend with some good food while enjoying the weather out. It was around 11 in the morning when I stepped out to start with the barbeque, it was very hot that day and I drank lots of water while grilling the food as well but my skin on my face was burning because of the heat out. I think I stayed out for about 45 min in total and had to bring the food back into the house because I just could not take it.

I came back home and my face was hot and was burning! I splashed some cold water on my face and it felt good but once I patted my face dry – I felt the burning sensation again! I took a paper towel and drenched it in ice cold water and put it on my face- it helped for a while but it burned again once the towel was warm! I was very worried because I never felt this way and I could finally understand what this was- Sunburn!! My face became red and I started googling – bad idea.. you know the images you get when you google sunburn! I then started to read what would help with sunburn and all the articles I read said the same thing- cold water pack and apply a moisturizer which has Aloe Vera in it. It so happened that while I was at a store the past weekend I saw Aloe vera leaves which they sold by pound for I think  about $4.99 per Lb. I had picked up one because I wanted to try it :). I was just plain lucky that I had one at home and I could not thank myself enough for picking it up.  I literally jumped off the couch and cut a small slice and applied it all over my face and neck. It instantly soothed my skin, I just could not feel any burning sensation at all once I applied it.


I have been religiously applying it the last week and I can definitely say it has helped a lot. When you can get a natural ingredient why try a product which has a portion of what your skin needs. To be completely honest, when my skin was burning like hell- I did not want to put any product on my skin because I was so scared and just could not trust any product in a bottle/tube! Water and Aloe Vera saved the day for me.

So next time you are in a store and see an aloe vera leave, pick it up.. you will thank me later! Stay safe and hydrated!

If you have tried it before or end up trying, I would love to hear from you on what you thought!

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