Purity Made Simple Cleanser by Philosophy

There are so many cleansers out there in the market which are very good but I am writing about this cleanser specifically because I absolutely love this one. I have used clarisonic for years now and nothing gives me satisfaction of a clean face unless I have washed my face with my trusty friend clarisonic. Well, this blog post is about a cleanser so let me get right on it instead of talking about the tool…maybe I should do a separate post about  clarisonic!

So, as always I started with a good deluxe size product of 30 ml and started using it almost an year back. For the first few times, I wanted to give it a solid test so I tried it without my clarisonic and I was thoroughly impressed. Little goes a long way and my face with makeup felt extremely clean after. You just need to take the product and massage it on damp skin for 30-60 seconds and then wash it with lukewarm water as usual. It deep cleans your face and is perfect for even the days you dont feel like you have the patience to remove your makeup with a wipe before you wash your face (that’s me almost daily!). The consistency is light , its fragrance free and is a great solution for dryness because it leaves your skin soft and hydrated.

Only after I used the product I went online to order and realized that its one of the most loved (140K loves on sephora) and trusted product on the internet! It has also won many awards and is the the 10 yr Allure readers choice awards in 2016. I’m glad I found this product because I dont believe there is another one better than this one!

It costs $15 for 90Ml of a bottle which should last you atleast a month, you can always get the 240 Ml for $32 which is a good value but my strategy is always to get my hands on a deluxe size and try it first before I commit!

Let me know which one is your favorite cleanser and if you have tried this one before and what you think of it!


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